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Deep depression has changed the way I look at people.

Posted by jojotully - July 2nd, 2020

I had no idea that people could feel like this. A complete disconnection from everything around you. Nothing no longer satisfies. Food, nature, art, and music become obsolete. I even notice some selfishness in myself as I watch others with healthy minds enjoy life and prosper as I sit in a void of nothingness. It makes me feel so sorry for all the people I ignored that were in this state while I was living happily in blissful ignorance. You can't just tell these kind of people to smile or keep their chin up when their inner-self is in total darkness. I urge people to take care of themselves and sway away from thinking that affects you negatively before you snap like I did. You only have one mind, treat it well.


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I read an article once where someone said they had golden retriever brain before they fell into depression and I can't help thinking about golden retriever brain when I look at some people now.

That's honestly pretty accurate. I would definitely have problems, but most of the time I would be happy. I'd much rather go back to the previous problems I had. Those problems seem so small now in comparison to what I have now.

What do you think brought on this disconnect, or was it a gradual process of multiple things that lead you here? Im sorry to hear this mate, hopefully you can find the change that puts you on a healthier path

It was several things that helped setting it off, but one thing was the big culprit in it all.

I understand how you feel, you’re not alone in this darkness. A lot of us will feel lost in it because it’s a kind of misery that beckon to keep you there. Just know that you’re not alone and that we feel what you feel.

No one should have to go through this. I'm truly sorry if you're feeling anything like I am right now.

Yeah,you are in for a ride brah.And youll never get off, just wait till you get to your violent phase where everything pisses you off and anger sticks to you like tar.Id recommend a shrink although youll have to work on yourself for the most part.

Violence is definitely the last thing I want. And I like to be optimistic that I'll get better, but yeah it is hard sometimes.

Go to therapy

I have been. But words aren't really helping right now. I feel something physically wrong.

As a schizophrenic, I know how much it sucks when your brain betrays you. Get help. It is scary and may fail before it succeeds but getting help may be the best thing you ever do.

I've been getting some therapy, but I'm going to start trying some natural remedies like CBD soon since all the meds I've been prescribed haven't done shit. My personal advice to avoid doing something you regret would be don't rely only on your own advice, even if it seems like a good thing, you can lose a grip on reality.

Go to therapy, don't strugle.

@BoyPorcelain My biggest advice would be if some teachings make you a worse person instead of a better one, let go of them. Even if the teachings were something you grew up with.

Do you lift? Hows your diet? Get enough sun? Take probiotics? Have a positive and active social life?

@ZebraHumor @jojotully St. John's Wort can help.

That will be my next thing if CBD doesn't help or maybe I'll just use it in combination. Thank you very much. :)

I know that feeling too well. I try not to dwell on it or distract myself and that helps but I still gotta fight through when it creeps in. Your definitely not alone and even though I'm a stranger on the internet I'd like you to know that.